Ceremony: San Sebastian Church
Reception: La Castellana

When Meg emailed me inquiring about my packages, I crossed my fingers hoping they would decide to have me as their wedding videographer since they will be my first client from Riyadh.  When Meg finally made the arrangement for our meet, I went to our meeting place armed with courage and of course my trusty laptop ready to present my life’s work, never knowing that even before we met, they have already decided to avail my service.

The first time I met Bem and Meg, I was a little wary, expecting them to have unreasonable requests, but I was mistaken. They are the most down to earth person I have ever met; they trusted me to do what I do best and did not make any demands that are beyond what I can do.  Their only request is for me to make their wedding unforgettable, and I did, and so much more, I hope. =)
Bem and Meg, you are truly an amazing couple, until this time I’m still wondering why the two of you chose me as your videographer knowing you have the means to look for more experienced and known people in the wedding industry. My co-supplier for the wedding are among others, Metrophoto (Oly Ruiz), Ernest Pascual (Events! Events!), Madge Lejano (The Make Up Studio), Dylan Gozum (Vatel Manila).

Whatever your reasons, I can’t thank you enough for the friendship, for trusting me, and for giving me the opportunity to be part of your wedding.
See you soon =)

One Thought on “BEM + MEG SDE

  1. This is surprising.. I randomly opened your website kasi somehow I missed watching your vids and eto pa ang sumalubong sa akin. A very beautiful post about your experience working with us. =)

    You truly made our wedding memorable. I dunno if you saw it (ang layo mo kasi), but I was teary eyed while watching this during the reception. You captured the mood of our wedding. Very laid back, no pretensions – very US. You made us really, really, REALLY HAPPY.

    Kaso Kris, may isang mali… Hindi kami taga Dubai.. Taga Riyadh kami… hehehehehe!!!

    Give our regards to Liza.. =) Take care guys.. And see you soon!!!

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