Ceremony: Christ The King Parish
Reception: The Blue Leaf
Photographer: Erron Ocampo
HMU:  Jesy Alto-Ocampo

Not long ago I was an instrument in capturing on video my friend’s (AJ and Nikki) wedding. It was an unforgettable and liberating experience for me and my friends, not to mention the incomparable tension of not making any mistakes because it is the wedding of one of my oldest friends.

Now it is Philip and Ruby’s wedding.  Philip and I are best of friends since high school. So given our history and the long friendship that we had, I experienced again the tension and pressure of wanting a friends’ wedding become perfect and momentous, but this time I am armed with the lesson of many previous weddings not to mention my own one. =)

I also learned that there is no price for the experience of witnessing and being part of one of your friends’ most memorable moment.
The hardest part of it all is that I’m the Best Man as well as the Videographer. Well, just watch their video and see how I’ve accomplish this.  Enjoy. =)

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